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School Event Details

Toonz DJ brings the energy. Having a professional DJ at your party, sets you above the rest. With the ability for instant request, a music library with over 200,000 songs and growing, using your IPod will not compare! We bring a powerful sound system as well as club lighting to every event. Toonz now offers live music video mixing, where you can dance with the actual music videos playing behind you! We also know that schools work on sometimes a very tight budget. Call for more information and see what Toonz can do for your next dance!

On-line Booking and Planning

One great thing about using Toonz DJ for all of your DJ needs is the online booking option. You and anyone you want can go to the music requests and begin requesting songs for your event via our website! You will also be able to setup timelines, special announcements and event a Do Not Play list. To get started, check to see if your date is available!

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